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Play Rock Sweeper

Your goal is to find specimens of rocks from 10 different periods. You only have 1 day to search so you’ll have to be crafty in order to dig them up with your limited number of digs.

Start the game by clicking any tile on the board. If there is nothing under it, it will turn white. If there is a number under it, that means you are close! The number will indicate how many rocks are touching the tile you just clicked on. If it says 1, that means that 1 of the 8 squares around the one you clicked contains a rock! Using process of elimination this will help you find all of the rocks before you run out of digs.

It can also help to place a marker on a tile you know doesn’t contain a rock because the number clues tell you it can’t. A marker doesn’t cost you a dig, so they can be handy to help you get a picture.

As you find rocks they are added to your collection, where you can view the rocks and read more about them. Just click My Collection at the bottom of the screen.

Launch Rock Sweeper