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New Brunswick educators are pleased to share these learning resources created for the Magnificent Rocks virtual exhibition. Although these teaching resources are based on New Brunswick curriculum, they are intended to reach beyond New Brunswick schools to all interested educators within this exhibition's audience.

The educators who made up this writing team represent a cross section of middle and high school teachers. Their learning resources make use of images of rocks and fossils, historical and contemporary photographs, audio, video and excerpts from archival publications.

Student exploration of New Brunswick rocks and fossils, as illustrated in this virtual exhibition, can be easily linked across the curriculum to include social studies, language arts, science and art; the areas covered by the featured lesson plans.

All learning resources may be altered to meet the individual needs of a school, different students or alternative teaching styles. Learning resources include unit plans and individual lessons.

The New Brunswick Museum and the New Brunswick Department of Education E-Learning group invite you to download and use these shareable resources.  Please also visit the Virtual Museum of Canada Teachers' Centre and the Magnificent Rocks Learning Object Collection.


Rock Box Game | Rock Box Labels (pdf)

Rock Sweeper

Time to Rock

Community Connections


Lesson Plans:

Your Geological Genealogy (French 9) (pdf)

Welcome to New Brunswick (Geography or French 9) (pdf)

Scale Diagrams (Enlargements and Reductions) (Math 9) (pdf)

Mining in New Brunswick (Social Studies 9) (pdf)

Introduction to New Brunswick’s Oil & Gas Industry (Science 10) (pdf)

New Brunswick: Too Cool! (Science 10) (pdf)

Design Your Own Natural Science Museum (Broad Based Technology 10) (pdf)

Prove it! (Validating Information Online) (French, Information Technology and Society 10-11) (pdf)

Taking a Stand (Opinion Letters) (French, Geography – Contemporary World Issues 10-12) (pdf)

Make your own Geology Map (Physical Geography 11) (pdf)

To Mine or Not to Mine, That is the Question (Language Arts 11) (pdf)

Geology Online (French, Information Technology and Society, Introduction to Computer Programming 11) (pdf)

Honouring Geologists! (Canadian History, History of Acadia 11-12) (pdf)

Magnificent Mascots! (Biology, Entrepreneurship, French 11-12) (pdf)

Animated Rocks! (Visual and Media Arts 12) (pdf)

New Brunswick Communities & Their Geological Stories (Journalism 12) (pdf)

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