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Burnt Hill

Devonian granite bodies about 380 million years old are found near Burnt Hill north of Lake George. It was here that land surveyor Samuel Freeze discovered wolframite in quartz veins in 1907.  The Burnt Hill Mine opened on the site and produced tungsten and tin from 1912 to 1918 and again between 1952-1957. Wolframite contains tungsten used in the making of steel and in light bulb filaments. Tests showed the quartz veins also contained the first recorded topaz in Canada. Molybdenite mineralization is preferentially associated with griesen zones. Greisens are formed by alteration of granite during the final cooling stages. Tungsten mineralization occurs primarily in quartz/topaz veins. Unfortunately attempts to mine the deposit were largely unsuccessful; especially since large wolframite deposits were found in China and the price of tungsten dropped.