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Joseph Whiteaves

Joseph Frederick Whiteaves was an English palaeontologist and zoologist who immigrated to Canada in 1862. He became the palaeontologist for the Geological Survey of Canada in 1883. Whiteaves studied fossils found in all areas of the country and began the study of fossil fishes in Canada. His research areas included the Bay of Chaleurs, where he studied Devonian fish from the UNESCO World Heritage site at Miguasha, Quebec and across the bay near Campbellton, New Brunswick. Three paleontologists studied fish fossils from these sites from the late 1880s to the early 1900s. Whiteaves, Ramsey Traquair (Royal Museum of Scotland) and Arthur Woodward (British Museum of Natural History) published a series of scientific papers describing the northern New Brunswick Devonian fishes, including sharks, placoderms, cephalaspids and acanthodians. One of the fossils was named Cephalaspis whiteavesi by Traquair to recognize the contributions of his colleague.