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Shepody Mountain, Manganese mine

Just north of Shepody Mountain near the community of Riverside-Albert the remains of a small manganese mine can still be found. The mine was opened in the 1850s by mine engineer John Steadman and a few Moncton entrepreneurs. The mine only produced about 1,000 tonnes of ore until they turned to mining a clay deposit to produce alum and other products. The Hopewell Chemical Manufacturing Company built a manufacturing plant near the mine and hired John Gallacher as manager. The company lasted until about 1860 when it too ended production and Mr. Gallacher went to work at a nearby oil shale plant. By 1863 when Loring Bailey visited the site he described the ruined buildings as all that remained. Today ‘Chemical Road’ is still marked on maps. Engineering drawings for an Agricultural Chemical Works are dated 1861, suggesting it was probably never built.